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The key to correcting a headache is to find out it’s exact cause.  There are headaches which come from the neck or “cervicogenic” are commonly called “Tension Headaches”.  But what if the neck spasm is from  a shoulder problem causing muscle spasm which refers to the neck.  It’s not called “shouldergenic”.  But the cause is Continue Reading

Dear Dr. Burton: I have been coming to you since February 2000. First it was because of my TMJ — which through several treatments it is now gone! Thank you very much!! Then, I pulled my groin muscle in my left leg and you helped me heal again. Now, my left shoulder, and left knee Continue Reading

Dear Dr. Burton, For 29 years I was a nurse in this community.  I guess I fell for what many of the “old medical establishment” believes:  That is that orthopedic doctors and physical therapists are the only ones to treat low back and neck pain.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and often get “coccyxdynia.” When I Continue Reading

Dear Dr. Burton, I would like to take this opportunity to write a ‘formal’ letter of thanks for having the expertise to successfully diagnose and treat my ‘condition,’ something no ‘traditional’ medical doctor was able to do.  As I would like to share my experience with anyone doubtful of ‘alternative’ forms of medical treatment, I Continue Reading

It all started about ten years ago.  I started to get migraines about once or twice a week.  Out of nowhere, I would start getting this pain in my neck and after several hours it would climb up to the right side of the center of my head, right above the eye and plant itself Continue Reading

To Doctor Burton I started chiropractic care in January, 1996. I have Fibromyalgia, also know as myofascial syndrome.  This is major, constant, continuous pain in the muscles and fibers.  This problem started in January 1987 and continued. I cannot count the number of Doctors I’ve seen about this condition.  Too numerous to count.  I have Continue Reading

Dear Dr. Burton and Staff, How can we truly express the appreciation that we hold for you and your staff?  We’ve watched your office grow through two moves; your staff increase in size, and your repertoire of knowledge increase exponentially.  But that’s just mostly superficial.  While that’s nice to see, it doesn’t compare with the Continue Reading

My son, who is now 12, had been complaining of back pain for at least 3 years.  Three years ago, being a concerned parent, I took him to the pediatrician for an exam.  After a quick exam, his pediatrician declared it was just “growing pains” and nothing to be concerned with.  A year later, my Continue Reading

Patient expressing good will and good character 1/22/99 Dear Dr. Burton, A few years ago, after an accident, I searched for a Chiropractor who utilized the technique of Applied Kinesiology and came upon Dr. Seplow.  While under his care, he introduced me to a new Associate Chiropractor who would be taking over my care.  Initially Continue Reading