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    The most significant trauma a person will have in their lifetime.

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    With over 20 years experience. Certification as a CCN by the IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutrition) in 1993.

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Adults – General Holistic Care

Dear Dr. Burton and Staff,

How can we truly express the appreciation that we hold for you and your staff?  We’ve watched your office grow through two moves; your staff increase in size, and your repertoire of knowledge increase exponentially.  But that’s just mostly superficial.  While that’s nice to see, it doesn’t compare with the list of what you have done for us.  You have helped us with colds, flu, female/male problems, allergies (medication/food), back/neck,/foot pains, asthmatic issues, and digestive tract issues.

The list could even be longer (We are certain!) but we have probably forgotten more or what you have done for our health then you have listed in our records.  This also includes the variety of treatments that you have used and those you used when traditional treatments would not work.  The fact that you are constantly trying to find the “best” treatment and going to educational seminars does not state accurately state how hard you work in striving to give your patients the best care they can receive.

Even your office staff (led by Fabiana), has proved their worth in working as hard as you do.  They are “always” pleasant!!!  All of them!!!  They work hard to match up the patient’s schedule with yours and are very patient when things change at the last minute.  We never question leaving a message at your office for you as you have always returned our calls upon receiving them.  Insurance issues (we have probably been through 10 companies during the 9 years we’ve been with you) are always handled efficiently and with careful attention paid to detail.

We are only too happy to continue with accolades but for now we will leave you with this thought.  My husband and I of almost 20 years are about to have our first child.  How refreshing it was to realize that we did not even have to hesitate in thinking about who would aid in or care and make sure we were on the right course.  While in the insurance industry and on paper they may say it’s the medical doctor, in our home and our hearts it is you Dr. Burton (and your staff), that we consider our primary healthcare provider.

We look forward to bringing you another patient to see and wish you much continued success in your field that you so obviously enjoy.


Mr. and Mrs. G.H. G.