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Allergies & Sinus Condition

Police Officer w/ sinus condition and allergies
I moved to South Florida from New York in February of 1989. As I began to train for the Broward County Police Academy in October of the same year, I began to experience sinus problems, in addition to problem with my ears clogging making it difficult to breathe. I sought the opinion of a D.O. who diagnosed me with allergies – something I did not experience in New York. I practically wiled myself through the academy, but I was miserable.
The problem continued over the span of 14 years despite seeing several ear, nose and throat specialists, allergists and chiropractors. I even had a rhinoscopy and “tubes” surgically implanted in my ears last October, however, the malady remained.
I saw Dr. Burton’s website in February of this year and was immediately drawn to his eclectic approach and impressive credentials. After our initial consultation I was even more impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and patience with me after I admitted to him my skepticism and experience with scams as a police officer. Dr. Burton never wavered and began a combination of treatments that included nutrition, acupuncture, traditional and other unique chiropractic procedures that I was not familiar with. I followed his advice to the letter and I am writing this letter to joyfully proclaim that I can “breathe” again and have not had a sinus or ear condition since March.
I cannot thank Dr. Burton enough for this commitment to his patients and to excellence in his field. I am exercising like I did in my 20s (I am 42), and without Dr. Burton’s expertise that would not be possible. He is undoubtedly the best doctor I have known.
I would also like to commend his staff for their professionalism, friendly personalities and their willingness to accommodate my needs. I thank you all!
P.O. Karl Milenkovic, Jr.