What makes an EXCEPTIONAL Doctor? The type of person that does not treat you as a symptom, but as a living, breathing human-being. The person I am describing is a man named Dr. Bernard Burton.

My name is A.W. and I started seeking care from Dr. Burton somewhere in May of 1997. I had sustained a Workmen’s Comp injury in December of 1996 and I was in a lot of pain. Prior to my visit both the Doctor (Orthopedist) and I felt that I was not improving and could not understand why after months of treatment that I was not getting better. He released me from his care. I came across Dr. Burton’s name in the Yellow Pages. After calling many other Chiropractors I settled on going to him. The main reason for choosing him was due to the warm response on the phone as well as he took time to put some of my fears to rest. Not common in most other Physicians. The Doctor gave me a full comprehensive exam and fitted the treatment plan according to my needs as well as my symptoms.

Over the course of time I sustained yet another injury due to an auto accident back in July of 1997. The norm would be to go seek out your Family Physician or an ER Doctor. However in the remarkable way that he had treated my prior injury I chose to call Dr. Burton. Dr. Burton ordered an MRI to confirm what he felt was a moderate to severe neck injury. The MRI confirmed his suspicions and he used stim and ultrasound to relax the area. Dr. Burton then did mild adjustment and Acupuncture to the neck and the surrounding area only after the initial inflammation had subsided. In his treatment he has also fixed the headaches and lower back pain that I have experienced over the course of time.

Recently I came to Dr. Burton with the very uncomfortable feeling of not being able to breathe. I am an asthmatic and would normally require an inhaler. Dr. Burton explained to me that sometimes a series of adjustments might relieve the problem in many cases. After going to the ER the day before and being misdiagnosed, for all intents and purposes, I let Dr. Burton give it a try. I walked out of is office 100 percent better.

I could go on and on abut what a wonderful Doctor this man is. I have not attained full recovery at this point but for all the skeptics out there that have reservations about alternative medicine and the Doctors that practice it, I say just make that phone call, 954-742-0332, and experience the difference that Dr. Burton can make in your life.