Dr. Burton has done miracles for me and my family. When I first came in to the Doctor I had a great deal of pain in my upper back, joints and muscles. I had been formerly diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. I was put on anti-inflammatory drugs which were causing stomach discomfort and was I was informed that there was nothing else that could be done.

At that time if I would look over my shoulder I would be in pain for days. My left shoulder was constantly tingling and numb. My facial muscles were in spasms, my neck in constant pain and I could not use my arms in front of me or over my head. I would suffer the worst when the weather would change. But I think the worse was the fatigue. I was dragging myself through each day.

After just 3 months of treatment I am virtually symptom free. But that’s not all!!!

My oldest son is 15 and has suffered from birth with yearly setbacks of asthmatic bronchitis. This would involve yearly hospital stays and at lease a month from school. The past November he started on a Monday with symptoms which would usually have him on antibiotics, etc. within a couple of days. Dr. Burton was able to diagnose a fungus causing his problems and with treatment, the following week he was at the youth fair.

I can’t praise this man’s practice enough. I came in a skeptic and consider his our family physician. From past experiences I had lost all trust in Doctors, but I trust Dr. Burton completely and recommend him to everyone!!!!!