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4 yr old with headaches

Dear Dr. Burton,

I have been a patient of yours for a few months and have been thrilled with the progress and results you have achieved with my ailments, including blinding headaches, horrible hip pain caused by arthritis, and neck trauma – all of which greatly reduced my quality of life and all of which you have almost eliminated.

The reason I’m writing is a reason that is even closer to my heart – my four year old son, Alex.

My “baby” has been suffering his whole life with intense headaches.  A beautiful, healthy child who frequently could not play and run and be a child because his head hurt so much.

Of course, there was a lot of Tylenol and many visits to the doctor.  We were told that my sone was too young to know what a headache was and that his pain was a manipulation – a ploy to prolong bedtime and other such nonsense.  That’s exactly what this talk was – nonsense.  My son knew exactly where and how he hurt.

As a mother, the anguish and emotional pain and the helplessness I felt was horrible.  I didn’t know where to turn.  You had helped me so much; I wanted to see if you could help my son.

Within just two or three visits, Alex was pain free and running and playing the way he should be.  Dr. Burton, you are not only a physical miracle worker, but you are compassionate and understanding.  You explain and teach us what happens to our bodies and why.

Dr. Burton, you are truly one of the greatest human beings I have even known and my family is so lucky to have found you.  You have given our lives back to enjoy and you will forever be in our hearts.

Michelle K. G.