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It all started about ten years ago.  I started to get migraines about once or twice a week.  Out of nowhere, I would start getting this pain in my neck and after several hours it would climb up to the right side of the center of my head, right above the eye and plant itself for a good 12 to 15 hours of HELL!

I went to a few doctors and they told me to take up yoga.  At this time in my life I was already in yoga and meditating, so I was like, ass, these doctors are not helping me at all.  I did find this older doctor who told me they were cluster headaches, just take these and it should help.  He prescribed me “Imitrex” which did take away the migraines, but not the problem!  I started going to a chiro, but every time he would adjust me a migraine would come after a few hours of the adjustment, so I said forget this and suffered for about another 8 YEARS!

Now, I could go on and on about the next eight years, but I am writing to talk about this GREAT chiropractic physician that applies Kinesiology, Doctor “BURTON.”  My girlfriend found him in the phone book.  She was specifically looking not only for an adjustment, but someone who also applied Kinesiology.  After having a treatment with him, she recommended that I should try him.  I started getting adjustments on May 30th and I have not had a migraine in a month and a half!  My neck feels a lot better and the reason I was getting all this trouble was because my neck was tilted to one side for so many years, it developed a curvature in the neck and was pulling on the nerves right at the base of my head.  Now, it’s starting to correct itself.  Now, throughout the day I no longer get the discomfort in the neck that always led to a migraine.  At work I perform so much better and with the pain relief I have gotten I am a much happier person.

Thank-you, Doctor BURTON!!!

Paul D.