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Alternative Care for numerous issues

In all sincerity I can say that somewhere along my journey of life, I must have acquired God’s good favor to have found my way into Dr. Bernard Burton’s office.
Through Dr. Burton I have experienced relief and healing from some ailments that conventional doctors could not detect, and others that they could not promise to heal without toxic medication and surgery. Using a highly respected alternative examination procedure called Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Burton can discover what is wrong, and also what is needed. For someone who has suffered many years of living with pain and illness, this is nothing short of a miracle.
I found Dr. Burton at a time when I had torn the cartilage in my knee, had heard about the great benefits obtained from the “Active Release Technique” (ART), and was looking for a health practitioner who is accredited in this therapy. I was using a walker and a wheelchair before Dr. Burton treated me, but after a few treatments I was able to walk without my aide.
After living with about 60 years of chronic pain, Dr. Burton has now helped me with several areas in my body. Four months before I saw him I developed constant diarrhea and abdominal pain for which no cure or a diagnosis was found. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Burton my stomach problems were gone.
With all the ways that he has healed, too many to even put into this letter, I now bless the day I developed my knee problem, because it was the knee problem that brought me to Dr. Burton.
Dr. Burton has a wide range of education, schooling and medical expertise in many different healing modalities. These impressive abilities are only surpassed by his golden heart and his commitment to serve his patients to the fullest extent of his capacity.
The best gift I can think of to give to my loved ones, friends, and family would be a visit to Dr. Burton’s office. I feel very blessed and grateful. Thank-you Dr. Burton, for who you are and for what you do.
Diane D.