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5 year old son with Reflux, Gerd, and vomiting

This is testimony in regards to my 5 year old son’s health.

Since birth, we suspected our son has had reflux/gerd issues.  He was a very fuss and uneasy baby.  When he was weaned from breast feeding at 2 years old, he began vomiting almost every other day.  As parents we became very afraid for our son’s health and we took him to a children’s hospital for medical testing.  We were told he was an excessive refluxer and that he would probably have this condition the rest of his life, and that medication or surgery would be the only answers.

The doctors immediately put him on medication which helped decrease the vomiting, but just masked the medical problem.  He was a sickly child not jut because of the reflux condition but because of the side effects of the medication.  He was on a modified diet and very thin.  He wasn’t thriving as well as he should have been.

After going through 3 different medications because of the side effects, we stuck with the one.  But after each subsequent year we had to up the dose for the medication to remain effective.  Pharmacists warned us that he was taking twice the dose for his 38 pound, 5 year old body.  We were besides ourselves and at our end.

Then in December of 2008, a family member of mine in Chicago started doing research to help us in the quest to heal our son.  He finally found Dr. Burton on the internet and gave the office a call.  We made an appointment and started a treatment program right away.  Dr. Burton was the first doctor to even mention that our son could have a hiatal hernia or pinched nerves that could be creating all of our son’s digestive health problems.

After two weeks of treatment, we weaned our son off of the medication he had been on for the last 3 years since he was 2 years old.  He has not vomited due to reflus/gerd since we started treatment with Dr. Burton in December.  He is a thriving 5 year old now with twice the appetite and no restricted diet.  His immune system is now normal due to the fact that he is not on medication with side effects.  He never complains that his “belly or throat” hurt anymore and his vomiting has ceased completely.

We are so grateful that we are seeing the light in regards to our son’s health and want to thank you fro the bottom of our hearts.

D. P.