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Headaches, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, back pain, fatigue

Skeptical? Me? That’s an understatement! I was in a car accident, in November 1998 which left me with a lot of back and neck pain. Immediately after hearing of my accident, both Dr. Burton and his wife, Catherine, tried to convince me to come to the office and let Dr. Burton take care of my back. Although I adore the family; the last thing I was going to do was let a chiropractor “take care” of my spine. The pain continued to worsen over a three week period of time. Traditional over the counter pain killers were not even dulling the pain anymore. The “help” my primary physician offered was rest, prescription pain killers and time for my back to heal. Desperation set in. My thoughts began to turn to Dr. Burton. I rationalized that he couldn’t possibly make me feel worse or do more damage, and on an off chance he helped—great. If he broke me, at least there would be no more pain, right?
That perceived risk, changed my life. After my first appointment I could move my head side to side and my over all pain was cut in half. As I began to trust and have faith in Dr. Burton and his alternative approach to medicine, he began treating other health issues I have had for years.
About a year after my twins were born, I told my primary that I didn’t feel good. Fatigue was affecting every area of my life. I ached. I had chronic headaches. I had constant indigestion and diarrhea. I felt nauseous most mornings. The primary ran the usual tests. Then he called me into his office and told me my tests were fine. He continued to inform me that it’s not unusual for a new mom, especially one with twins to have all my symptoms and perhaps I should see a therapist. I shared with him that I did see a therapist and she would be happy to talk to him. She strongly felt that my symptoms were physical, not in my head. I received the sympathetic nod and was sent on my way. Go to another doctor, you say? Who had the energy? I needed all my reserved to get through the day. Fatigue dictated everything I did or didn’t do. It controlled my social life and hampered my ability to be a great mom and wife. So I drew the conclusion that this is something I’d have to live with.
Enter Dr. Burton. He knew. He validated how I felt. He had concrete functional answers as to why I had each symptom and a way to fix it.
I literally spent a week crying in his office. I don’t cry. In retrospect, I think it was the relief of finally hearing from a person in authority that this was not all in my head.
So where am I today? I am hula-hooping with my five year olds. I am waking up in the morning headache free and full of energy. No naps for me anymore at 3:00 pm, my boys and I have a lot to do. I go shopping in big malls, attend late night parties, have friends over. I no longer feel overwhelmed with normal activities of daily living (i.e.: grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, filling the car with gas, helping with homework, even taking a shower).
Dr. Burton gave me my life back. He gave my children the mom I want them to have. And he has given my husband back the woman he married. As I write this, I know that I am still a work in progress. The story doesn’t end here. It doesn’t have to.
Sincerely written by Kate D.