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Discussion on Asthma

The medical approach to Asthma treatment is based upon reducing inflammation and reducing bronchial restriction.  What is not addressed is the structural component. When you breathe, your ribcage has to move to give your lungs room to expand. If there is a problem in the rib structure, the ribcage won’t expand, which causes difficulty breathing.

Other aspects of asthma that are not considered are allergic, adrenal, and liver dysfunctions, all which can cause inflammation and bronchial restriction. Childhood ear infections treated with antibiotics numerous times can progress into childhood asthma. This gut bacteria problem is usually treated holistically with probiotics, but most of the time, that is not enough.

In the office, we take all of these into consideration when we treat asthmatic patients. After just 2 adjustments, we were able to fix a patient with spyrometry results. Our approach to asthma is complete, and can alleviate symptoms.